The share house for the girls.



  In Kamishichiken where is the origin of Japansese traditional

culture and Kagai, there is still remained the atmosphere  of flourish hsitory which have been decended continuously since more than 1100 years ago. Inspite of its speciality, here is very quiet and safety not like torurists area. 


Kyo-machiya(a traditional house)renovated to modern life style


Authentic interior as they are since old days, and the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilets are renewed. 


 There are two small gardend which make the house cool down in summer.


You can have beer party, wine party at the terrace in nice season. There are various sets for entertaiment in many place.


  Okudo-san(an old style cooking stove) is remained in Doma(an earth floor). 


Here is the traditional and very Kyoto are. Also  safety and quiet.